Wayne County Road Department

Know before you go,

Wayne County Road and weather conditions vary, widely.

Use common sense and prepare accordingly.

For Capitol Reef Road Conditions visit https://www.nps.gov/care/planyourvisit/roads.htm

Cathedral Valley / Hartnet / Polk Creek Road Info


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Visitor Information

Road Department Requests & General Information / (435) 691 0173

Road Department Supervisor

Rhett Jeffery Phone: 435-836-2682 Cell Phone: 435-703-1098

Road Dept. Foreman

Stan Deleeuw Cell Phone: 435-616-0773

Geographical Information Services (GIS)

Adus F. Dorsey II / (435) 691 0173 /adus@wayne.utah.gov

Wayne County Road Records Request Form

Records Request Form

Wayne County Road Department Encroachment Permit Application Process

Wayne County Road Department policy requires an encroachment permit before any construction or maintenance activity takes place that involves entering onto or leaving established Wayne County roads.

Wayne County Road Department policy prohibits digging or excavating within the county road right of way to place, construct, or maintain any approach road, driveway, pole, pipeline, conduit sewer, ditch culvert, billboard advertising sign or any other structure or object of any other kind without obtaining an encroachment permit. (see / Encroachment Permit Application)

*As part of the encroachment application process be prepared to provide a detailed plan of work in PDF format, a drawing and or map of proposed encroachment area, property description and parcel #.

*The Wayne County Road Department Encroachment permit application is to be completed and signed by the private property owner or their agent/representative.

Mail or email completed application to;

Wayne County – C/O – Wayne County Road Department

P.O. Box 189

Loa, Utah 84747

info@wayne.utah.gov  / www.waynecountyutah.org

Wayne County Road Department Encroachment Permit 

Wayne County Road Department Encroachment Application