County Resources Management Plan

Geographical Information Systems (Maps)

Wayne Co. GIS Department
18 South Main
Loa, UT 84747
Office: (435) 836-1323


Master Address List

Wayne County and the State of Utah Automated Geographic Referencing Center (AGRC) have partnered together to provide a Master Address list of the residences and businesses in Wayne County. With respect to privacy the names have been withheld from this list. Any questions regarding this information can be directed to the Wayne Co. GIS Department.


Click on the link below to access the file.


ATV, Hiking, Biking & Equestrian Trail Maps

ATV, Hiking, Equestrian and Mountain Bike trails all located in and around Wayne County. Printable documents to provide information to the public on what to expect or what is available for use. PDF Documents are available on the following webpage, http:/ . Any questions regarding these trails can be directed to the GIS Department or the Wayne County Visitor Center.

Wayne County Master Transportation Plan

The primary purpose of a transportation system is to move people and goods in a safe and
efficient manner. A variety of different travel demands needs to be considered in order to fulfill this purpose, including travel within the County, passing through the County, and between rural parts of the County and the County’s cities.

Transportation concerns identified in Wayne County include:

  • Safety
  • Mobility
  • Street Classification
  • Access Management
  • Future Land Use


Any questions regarding this plan and the contents therein should be directed to the Wayne County Courthouse, 18 South Main, Loa UT 84747 (435) 836-1300.