Road Department

Road Department Supervisor
Rhett Jeffery
Phone: 435-836-2682
Cell Phone: 435-703-1098

Road Dept. Foreman
Stan Deleeuw
Cell Phone: 435-616-0773

Road Dept. Crew
Jerry Chappell
Ed Jeffery
Shane Loosli


Current Projects

The Road Dept. is continuing to grade all our county roads. If you see an area needing attention do not hesitate to call the department and report so it can be repaired.

Fish Creek Cove Road Improvement Project

On April 26th the GIS and Road Departments met with property owners and county residents to introduce and discuss the proposed improvements to be made to the Fish Creek Cove Road. The proposed improvements were to upgrade the condition of the road surface and improve drainage crossings. These improvements are being discussed with the intent to improve the road for emergency services and public safety. The BLM was also in attendance and provided insight on the improvements they have planned for a historical site located at the end of the road. There were many excellent comments made regarding this project. Anyone wishing to comment on this project can download the official comment page below and return to the GIS or Road Department. All comments will be taken into account. Any questions can be directed to Rhett Jeffery, Road Dept. Manager.


File : Fish Creek Cove Road Improvement Project Comment Form