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The vision of the Wayne County Economic Development Council (WEDC) is to be a diverse and effective council of Wayne County residents that is recognized as the principal and responsible resource for both communicating and increasing economic opportunities in Wayne County; strengthening existing businesses; creating new compatible employment opportunities; and accessing and utilizing all available resources.

The WEDC and EDD provide assistance to Wayne County residents, entrepreneurs, businesses and industry, as well as provide assistance to the County and communities within Wayne County, in the areas of community and economic development, business retention, expansion and recruitment, and job creation.  The mission of the WEDC is to help create and maintain jobs in Wayne County.

The WEDC provides support and guidance to the Economic Development Director in the successful accomplishment of and adherence to the Council’s Annual Plan.

WEDC Guiding Principles

  1. The Wayne County Economic Development Council (Council) shall provide support and guidance to the Economic Development Director in the successful accomplishment of and/or adherence to 1) the WEDC’s Annual Plan, 2) the pertinent sections of the 1994 Wayne County General Plan.
  2. WEDC participants serve at the pleasure of the Wayne County Commission and are appointed by invitation of the Commission
  3. WEDC membership will be reviewed annually by the Council and Commission.  New participants may be recruited and current members may be relieved of their appointment at the request of the Council and approval of the Commission.
  4. WEDC meetings will be open to the public, though only appointed Council members or their proxy shall be allowed to vote.
  5. All decisions by the WEDC must be ratified by the Wayne County Commission.
  6. The ED director (and/or WEDC Chair) will report to the Commission following any WEDC meeting.
  7. The Commission may select a Chair and Chair-Elect that will serve for a term to be determined by the WEDC.
  8. The WEDC Chair will work closely with the Economic Development Director in the creation of the WEDC meeting agenda, chair the meeting, and undertake any duties deemed appropriate by the Council.
  9. WEDC consider and will be guided by Wayne County’s “rural lifestyle” and “quality of life” when making decisions, policies, and planning.