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Schools and Education

Wayne School District


    P.O. Box 127
    Bicknell, Utah 84715
    Phone: 425-3813
    Fax: 425-3806

    Jessie Pace , Superintendent, Curriculum and Title Programs
    Brenda Wood, Business Manager
    Kathy Woolsey, Transportation and Food Services
    Coral Chappell, Secretary
    Jordan Crane, District Technology Specialist


    Phone: 425-3760
    Shane Bradbury, Supervisor
    Eric Torgerson

    Special Education
    Phone: 836-2028
    Cheryl Hunt, Coordinator and Pre-School

    School Nurse
    Phone: 836-2671
    Colleen Chappell, Nurse

After you have contacted the individual schools with your problem or concern and it has not been resolved, or if your problem or concern is District wide, please contact the appropriate person at the phone number above for assistance. Please feel free to contact the District Office on any matter or if you need direction for your problems or concerns.


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