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Capitol Reef, Anasazi Village, Torrey Apple Days...


Wayne County is rimmed by fantastic sights and fantastic activities. Capitol Reef National Park is nearby as well as many other one-of-a-kind attractions, such as the artifact-ridden Anasazi Indian Village State Park and the eerie formations of Goblin Valley State Park. Grand Staircase-Escalante, an expansive National Monument of canyons and plateaus, is another such attraction.

Festivals and other special events are another major part of life and fun in Wayne County. Many of our events are educational - Capitol Reef National Park hosts many excellent historical and natural programs for kids and adults alike. Our film festivals are fantastic and often hilarious. Torrey Apple Days, part festival, part athletic competition, and all quirky and exciting, is a big event, almost on par with the county fair.

Wayne County is quite a bit to take in within one trip and our gorgeous scenic roads allow you to take a paved overview of the scenery. Fishlake Scenic Byway is one of these, passing by the Fish Lake itself as it threads through the high pinewoods of Fishlake National Forest.